Avoid Going To Health In a Handbasket

21 Apr

The folks at The Onion Store have come out with this design for t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

While that website is typically pure satire, one wonders if there aren’t some people out there–I’m looking at you racist, hyper-religious (yet off base), Sarah Palin loving, Tea Partiers–who would take this idea seriously and wear such a shirt not as a joke, but with pride.

To such folks, might I suggest the following well-worn joke as a reminder that we have to use the tools God gives us….

The Great Flood

There was a huge flood in a village.
One man said to everyone as they evacuated, “I’ll stay! God will save me!”
The flood got higher and a boat came, and the man in it said “Come on mate, get in!”
“No” replied the man. “God will save me!”
The flood got very high now and the man had to stand on the roof of his house.
A helicopter soon came and the man offered him help. “No, God will save me!” he said.
Eventually the man drown.
He got by the gates of heaven and he said to God, “Why didn’t you save me?”
God replied, “For goodness sake! I sent a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want!”

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One response to “Avoid Going To Health In a Handbasket

  1. Jan Baer

    April 21, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I love The Onion – particularly the catchy headlines, and the joke in your post is a classic.There is a very old saying: "Trust in God, but tether your horses."So I'm willing to bet that most people protesting health care reform have Very Good Insurance, indeed – it's just that theirs is provided to them by employers who then pass the costs along to consumers.In other words, consumers subsidize their health care. If I want to buy a car or groceries, I have no choice about it – I must pay the price for the companies' employee insurance, too. If I wished to boycott, I could not, since I need these products in my daily life.What, then, is the difference if the insurance were to be paid through a federal program funded by taxes?


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