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Peggy Salvatore Hosts Health Wonk Review

Head on over to the Health Systems Ed Blog and give it a read. Here’s the link!

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Medicaid Managed Care in Iowa

The state of Iowa is about to conduct a bold experiment by putting everyone in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (known here as HAWK-I) into private managed care plans. There was a recent story on the subject by Iowa Public Radio’s Clay Masters, which ran on NPR’s All Things Considered and was also featured in the Kaiser Health News. In full disclosure, yours truly was interviewed for the piece, and was rewarded with a small quote towards the end of the story. I share it here with you not only for the obvious purpose of shameless academic self-promotion, but also because it is a very important story that offers a foretaste of what may be soon to come in your own state, as more and more states consider ways to relieve the pressure that Medicaid puts on their budget.

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