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The GOP’s Healthcare Reform Proposal: A New Series

Last Thursday, the Congressional Republican leadership announced their plan for health reform. Like some 40 previous efforts that have failed, this plan involves yet another attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (i.e., “Obamacare”), but there’s finally something kind of new here: a plan to replace Obamacare once it’s been repealed. Could this be progress? I just read their proposal last night, and I found myself agreeing with some parts, disagreeing with other parts, and challenging some of their claims more generally–let’s just say the degree to which they cite evidence to support their claims would not hold up in a college class. However, as we saw with the ACA, any effort to reform our healthcare system is a large and multifaceted endeavor. In that respect, this plan is no different. It covers a lot of topics. For that reason, I don’t feel that I can adequately discuss it in a single blog post. So, starting next week, I’m going to go through the proposal, item by item, writing a series of blog posts to address each item in turn. It may take me a few weeks to get through it all, but don’t worry: the proposal won’t be signed into law anytime soon. If you want to start reading directly from the source material, you can find the proposal here. If you want some additional context, Jeffrey Young and Jonathan Cohn offer their take here. And, to be fair and balanced, here’s what Avik Roy thinks about the plan.

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