Health Care Costs In Pictures

05 Oct

I, and pretty much every other health policy-minded person out there, have written about health care costs. Pretty much all of us proclaim that health care costs are too high and then go on to disagree about how to lower them. But in stating that costs are too high we use words and numbers, and sometimes that just isn’t enough. It’s one thing to read “$2.5 trillion” and it’s another altogether to see, say, 2.5 trillion one dollar bills stacked up or laid end-to-end. With something like that in mind, the Institute of Medicine put together a very short, but very informative, and very alarming slideshow on health care costs in the United States. It is worth watching and sharing with others.

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One response to “Health Care Costs In Pictures

  1. Anonymous

    October 12, 2011 at 1:34 am

    Is it fair to compare the increase in health care costs to costs for milk, eggs, etc? Health care may also be more expensive (in part) due to significant advancements in technology and medical science over the past few decades. People may be spending more (and a greater portion of their salary) because more is available to spend on (e.g. surgeries or treatments that didn't exist previously). I know that there's still a lot of unnecessary spending and I'm certainly not refuting that, but I do think that particular slide misses the point. What is very alarming however, is that health care costs have risen drastically compared with real salaries, which have mostly remained stagnant.


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