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Wright on Health Subscription Service

For nearly two years now, I’ve enjoyed writing this blog. But writing a blog takes time, and time–as they say–is money. Of course, having been a student for approximately 26 of my 30 years, money is not something I am terribly familiar with, as many of my most beloved commenters are quick to point out. Fortunately, that’s about to change, as I complete my education and prepare to head out into the “real world.” To think that I’ve spent three decades in some sort of imaginary world is a little unsettling, but I digress.

Today’s post serves as an announcement that beginning tomorrow, all “Wright on Health” content will be made available only to members of the site with a paid subscription. While I hesitated to make this transition initially, the recent implementation of a paywall on the New York Times website convinced me that requiring people to pay for content is the only solution to maintaining the quality of this blog for the long-term. I mean, seriously, how can I continue to justify doing this for free?

So, starting tomorrow, non-members who access the site will only be able to read the title of each blog post. They will then have several subscription options. Using PayPal, which accepts credit and debit cards as well as electronic transfers from checking and savings accounts, individuals will be able to purchase access to a single blog entry for $2.99. They may also purchase a 1-day pass, allowing them to access, save, and print all content for 24 hours. The 1-day pass is $4.99. Monthly subscriptions are also available for $9.99, and for a limited time, special lifetime memberships are available for $249. To subscribe, please visit this site, and thanks again for your loyal readership.


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