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Repeal and Some Housekeeping

The House is voting on the GOP’s bill to repeal health reform today. I, like most, think it is little more than a show vote at this point, because the Senate and the Presidency are still controlled by the Democrats. Still, it isn’t something to be ignored. How the moderates vote may be telling, and this of course is just the precursor to 2012. Unfortunately, I don’t have time these days to give you a more in-depth analysis, as I’m attending to more pressing matters, but the Kaiser Health News site has a lot of wonderful–even fun–information. Check it out here.

As for the housekeeping, I am, as I say, preoccupied with finishing my dissertation. There were large chunks of time (5 months to be exact) when I was waiting for the government to send me data, during which time I was able to blog prolifically. However, for some time now, I have been blogging less and “dissertating” more. As I enter what should be my final semester, that is ever more the case. So, in terms of the frequency of posts, the blog is going to be even more sporadic than it has been in recent weeks. What I would suggest you consider doing, if you don’t want to check back here all the time only to find no new entries, is to subscribe to my blog by email or using a feed service. This way, you will be notified if and when a new entry is posted. And, in the future, when I return to blogging more regularly, you can always discontinue that service if you wish (although I find it helpful). Okay, that’s all.

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