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I Love It When People Prove My Point For Me

No sooner did I pontificate about the political biases of the judiciary–and how that will play out in deciding the constitutionality of health reform–than another verdict (of sorts) was rendered. Specifically, the U.S. government made a motion for the lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Florida and 19 other states to be dismissed, and Senior U.S. District Judge Rodger Vinson said “No.” His denial of the motion means that the states’ case can proceed. Not exactly earth-shattering news, but there is one thing worth noting. As I said before, the judge in the Michigan case who ruled in favor of health reform was appointed by President Clinton. This judge, who is permitting the case against reform to go forward, was appointed by President Reagan. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

You can read more on this story over at CNN. I, meanwhile, am headed to the state where CNN is headquartered to visit my family, so no more blog until at least Tuesday. Have a good weekend!

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