17 Sep

It struck me recently that while I have often pointed you to a particularly good post I’ve come across, I have neglected to establish much of a “blogroll” — the list of links to blogs I think are worth checking out regularly. One of the ways I can improve the blog is by collecting these references for you in one place. So, beginning today, I’ll be doing that, but I also need your help. If you write a health care blog, read a health care blog, or just know of a health care blog that you think is worthy of telling others about, send me an email or leave a comment and let me know about it. I’ll take a look at it and decide whether to include it in the list or not.

Today, I’m introducing you to Pulse–Voices From the Heart of Medicine and Christopher Johnson, MD. Pulse is full of narratives and poetry about the practice of medicine. It’s not a place to learn about policy, but it is a place to get inside the mind of the clinician. One of the recent entries, “Broken”, by Jordan Grumet paints a vivid picture of the process physicians go through in confronting so much human misery–and hopefully finding their way back to peace. Dr. Johnson is a pediatric intensive care physician with much to say on a variety of subjects in health care, including a recent piece on the value of electronic medical records and why some physicians are more willing to use them than others.

Give those pieces a read, check those blogs periodically, and send me your suggestions for others….

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Posted by on September 17, 2010 in Blog Updates


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