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Today’s the first day of what I anticipate is my last year of school as a student. There’s still a lot of work to be done before that becomes a reality, however, and that work takes time. So does writing this blog, which I’ve been doing for more than a year now. The thing is, I’m not a professional blogger. In fact, even though it’s usually used pejoratively, I’m a professional student. I don’t get paid to blog–well, one day those Google Ads will make me $100 and I’ll get a check, but that hasn’t happened yet. On the other hand, I do get paid to be a student at this level, thanks to a fellowship. But the fellowship doesn’t go on forever. I say all this to say my time, like your time, is valuable. Which brings us back to the idea of opportunity cost.

On Friday, I posted a quick piece on opportunity cost, with a multiple choice question that I wanted readers to answer. As of 4pm on Sunday, only two people had, and both of their answers were incorrect. So, I’m extending the deadline to post a response to the question. Perhaps a week is long enough? Maybe I’ll post the answer around Labor Day–maybe I’ll never post it, because too few people commented. You see, the thing is, I’ve asked explicitly for feedback before, with the same lack of response.

As the author of this blog, that gets to be disheartening. On the one hand, I use this blog for my own benefit–as a way to get my name “out there”, as a way to journal my thoughts, and for the satisfaction of having created something that gives back some measure of what I have been given–but on the other hand, a blog is less about the author and more about the readers, especially those who leave comments, who interact with each other, who debate ideas, ask questions, and push the dialogue further along. But, for some reason, most people seem content not to comment in this space. I’m not sure why, but I thought I’d try to encourage it very directly.

To those of you who do comment regularly, thank you. Please continue to do so. I appreciate it. To the rest of you, please consider getting a bit more involved in the conversation. Tell me if you think I’m wrong. Tell me why you think you’re right. Remain anonymous if you wish. Yes, I moderate comments, but only to keep spam, vulgarity, and the like off the blog. I’ve never refused to publish someone’s comments because they disagree with my views. I’m not interested in stifling the conversation, just guiding it to make sure it remains respectful and constructive.

I want this blog to grow and thrive, and I have put a lot of work into getting it off the ground, but I can’t do it on my own forever. I need your help to make this a community. That means telling friends, family, and co-workers about it. It means posting links to the blog on your own webpages and adding a link to the footer of your emails (ask me for the code and I’ll happily send it). And it means becoming an active participant, rather than a passive recipient. Leave comments about the posts and respond to the comments of others. I hear my own thoughts in my head all the time. I (and others) want to hear yours. And, oh yeah, thanks for reading….


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