What We Pay Physicians: Multiple Choice Test

01 Jul

The American Medical Group Association conducts an annual survey of physician compensation. I thought I’d give you the opportunity to see how well you can match up physician specialties with their median annual incomes. No cheating! Thanks to Merrill Goozner for tipping me off about this. (I would link to the specific article, but it would spoil the quiz.) Without further ado, here are the ten pairs to match:

1. Family Medicine               A. $350,627
2. Cardiology                       B. $398,034
3. Dermatology                    C. $340,000
4. Psychiatry                        D. $548,186
5. General Surgery               E. $388,929
6. OBGYN                          F. $197,655
7. Neurological Surgery        G. $438,115
8. Radiology                         H. $208,462
9. Internal Medicine              I. $205,441
10. Plastic Surgery                J. $294,190

The neat thing about this is that how you arrange the specialties by salary will give you an indication of what you perceive their relative value to be, and how well you do on the quiz will tell you how closely your assigned values align with society’s assigned values (here in the U.S. only, of course).

Scroll down for the answers

1-F ; 2-B ; 3-A; 4-H ; 5-C ; 6-J ; 7-D ; 8-G ; 9-I ; 10-E

The data are available here.

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