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BREAKING: Bart Stupak & Friends Reach Compromise

Well, it looks like the guess work is over. President Obama will sign an executive order (full text here) to clarify that no federal funds shall be used to fund abortions. That has Rep. Bart Stupak and his coalition of anywhere between 6 and 12 House members happy enough to vote in favor of the Senate’s health care reform legislation. That means that Nancy Pelosi’s likely got the magic number of votes (216) needed to send the health care bill to the President’s desk for his signature as early as tonight. That means that–while you won’t necessarily feel it–you will wake up on Monday morning in a country that has finally acted after several long decades to make its health care system work for its citizens.

I wanted to post this now–because I found it exciting–but I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, so I’m not going to say anything else until the votes are counted later tonight. I would urge you, however, to send me your comments–good or bad–and I’ll plan to turn them into a post that I’ll put up over at the Huffington Post tomorrow.

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