Another Fun Lobbying Tracker

04 Mar

It’s a given that Congressional action is influenced by organized interests. In fact, I think it’s probably fair to say that the level of lobbying is directly proportional to the financial resources available to the interests and the degree of potential a piece of legislation has to influence those financial resources either positively or negatively. So, the least likely group to lobby doesn’t have much money and operates in an area that doesn’t happen to be on the radar screen of Congress. On the other hand, a wealthy group that stands to win or lose big will be paying legislators regular visits.

On the basis of this rule, one can easily conclude that organized health care interests are lobbying hard against health care reform (which they perceive as threatening their ability to earn unlimited profits).

Thanks to the Center for Public Integrity, you can go play around with a new online tool that lets you see just how much various organizations spent on health care lobbying. Their data reveal that there were nearly 8 “health-reform” lobbyists for each member of Congress, including representatives for atypical groups like Campbell’s Soup and Dunkin’ Donuts. You should read their report, but more than anything, you should explore a bit using their online tool. It is really fascinating!

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