Human Nature

01 Mar

A long standing difference of opinion about human nature centers around whether one believes that all people are generally good or whether all people are generally evil. In fact, the way they answered this particular question led directly to the way in which our Founding Fathers designed our government. My experience, however, has led me to another conclusion: Whether or not all people or basically good or basically evil, many people are incredibly stupid. Today’s post is all the evidence you need. Just take a look at some of these protest/rally signs and judge for yourself:

And keep this in mind: Sure, anyone can make a mistake when creating a poster–switching letters around, leaving one out, or whatever else. The proof of stupidity is that these people proceeded to march with their accidents proudly on display for the world to see, rather than getting a new sheet of poster board out and starting over. That leaves me to conclude that they either 1) remained unaware of their mistake (in which case they are really stupid) or 2) they realized their mistake but thought it would be funny to show it off (in which case they are just plain idiotic). Hope these made you laugh as much as they did me.

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