22 Feb

The White House Health Care Summit is coming up in just a few days. The President has just released his own plan for reform and the GOP has agreed to attend. Best of all, the event will be televised live………on C-SPAN. It’s that last point that gets me down.

Your average person doesn’t watch C-SPAN. They’re not going to camp out in front of their television to watch this half day long event unfold live. That means that all that most people are going to get are the few snippets the media decides to show them–complete with their own framing of the issue. The story MSNBC tells folks will be quite different from the one heard over at FOX News, which is funny since only one set of actual events will have occurred.

I realize the networks don’t want to devote such precious air time (and ad revenue) to covering the summit. After all, episodes of All My Children and Judge Joe Brown are far more important than the future of the American health care system. Still, I wish they would give people as many opportunities as possible to tune in on the mainstream channels. The stay at home moms and dads might actually watch for a bit and have some things cleared up. In fact, I daresay that–looking at the effect of Tiger Woods’ televised contrition speech on the stock market–even folks who are working on February 25th would tune in if the event were targeted more to the mainstream and less to the wonks.

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