Health Reform = Job Creation

29 Jan

A new report from the Center for American Progress, co-authored by David Cutler and Neeraj Sood, finds that health care reform has enormous potential to create more jobs in this country. You’ll have to read the report if you want all the details, but the basics are these:

  • Employers pay a substantial amount for employees’ health insurance premiums
  • If health reform reduces premiums, employers can increase salaries or hire more employees

Those basic assumptions, when combined with a sizable amount of historical and projected data point to the conclusion that the health care reform currently being considered by Congress has the potential to:

  • Create 250,000 new jobs under fairly conservative estimates
  • Create 400,000 new jobs using less conservative estimates

Either way, the point is this: Health care reform does more than reform the health care system. It also takes the brakes off of an economy that has been grinding to an inevitable halt.

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