What Does Health Reform Mean For Me?

22 Jan

I ran a piece similar to this one a week ago, but it looks like concrete examples are the new way of communicating health reform to the public in a way that people can–hopefully–understand. So, today, I bring you more of that kind of “stuff” that explains what health reform will mean for you. Provided, of course, that you fall neatly into one of the categories that are used as examples.

As always, the staff of the Kaiser Health News does a great job of presenting non-partisan information. Their write up is a good place to start. Next, there’s a look at what families can actually afford as laid out by The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn. And finally, Uwe Reinhardt answers the question that many of you are asking–why should we all pay one premium based on where we live (community rating) rather than individual premiums based upon our health history and personal habits and risk factors (experience rating)?

As an aside, here’s a copy of a memo sent to all Democratic Senators from Mark Mellman, head of the Mellman Group–a public opinion research consulting group–explaining who does and who doesn’t support health reform and how to get more support. I think I’d like a job like his.

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