Own a Small Business? Read This

15 Jan

Yesterday, I pointed you to a series of articles that began to explain how various sorts of people would likely fare under health care reform. But there’s another important group of folks out there who are rightly concerned about what health care reform means for them, and that’s small business owners. They have questions like: “Will I have to provide insurance to all of my employees?” “Am I going to have to pay any new government fees or taxes?” and “How much is all of this going to cost me?”

Fortunately, Elizabeth Stawicki of the Minnesota Public Radio online news (MPR NewsQ) has put together a handy little quiz that will answer those questions for you. I don’t have a small business, so I couldn’t really answer the questions, but I clicked through the thing, and it’s very user-friendly and informative. If you own a small business and have questions about the implications of health care reform on your ability to earn a living, then by all means check out Elizabeth’s post and take her quiz. I would that the answers to all of life’s other questions were so easily obtained.

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