A Clarification for All My Non-Millionare Friends

13 Jan

Jonathan & Jonathan (Cohn and Gruber) have prepared a handy chart that shows the “rest of us” non-millionaires what we can expect to be paying with and without health care reform. A word about their numbers: The premium amounts shown do not indicate the individual’s share vis-a-vis the employer’s contribution. The out-of-pocket maximums are the most a family will have to pay for deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance. Insurance benefits typically kick in once the deductible is met–so it is important to understand that these figures do NOT mean that a family is on the hook for the entire out-of-pocket amount before insurance benefits begin. These are simply caps that would prevent bankruptcy in the even of catastrophic health care needs. Read this chart over (click to enlarge) and then tell me that health reform is a bad idea for you and your family.

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