Great Stuff from Dana Goldman in the NYT

28 Dec

The New York Times Economix blog is usually a pretty whimsical place. Sure, they tackle some important issues, and their methods are pretty solid, but their content and presentation is much more Freakonomics than it is Krugman-esque. That is, until recently. Dana Goldman from the University of Southern California has written one of the best critiques of the U.S. health care system–and of rationing in particular–that I have ever read. I don’t say that lightly.

Goldman’s arguments are clear, well-reasoned, and surprisingly fair–he criticizes Michael Moore and Sarah Palin in the same breath. My only issue with his article is the reference to “death panels.” He uses the term sarcastically, but the average reader might not pick up on his rather subtle tone. Still, he succinctly describes the problems with the health care system from every perspective–payers, providers, and patients–and lays out an oversimplified, but right on target set of four key action items to start fixing things. I can’t improve on what the man has written, and I fear a summary would do his work a disservice, so you just need to go ahead and read it. Seriously. I mean it. Do it now.

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