Narrowing the Primary Care — Specialist Wage Gap

20 Oct

I wrote recently about a study that examined the link between the proportion of primary care physicians in an area and that area’s level of health care spending per capita. The finding was that primary care doctors are typically less expensive to have around than are specialists, which makes sense to most of us, I would assume.

It typically takes more education to become a specialist than a generalist, and specialists get to use fancier technology. We value education in this country, we love the latest high-tech “toys” and we appreciate that specialists went into deep debt for their years and years of education. So we’re okay with paying them more. Lots more. But is it really worth it? That’s the question that a recent article asks in examining legislation in the Senate that would increase reimbursement for primary care physicians and decrease levels for specialists. It’s worth a read–and some serious reflection.

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