USPS: The Beloved Public Option

12 Oct

Critics of government involvement in the health care system like to levy the “If you like the Post Office, you’ll love socialized medicine” argument. I guess they make a decent point. I’m just not sure that it’s the point they really want to make, because the conclusion that I, and others–like Ezra Klein–have reached from the comparison is this: We will love socialized medicine. Ezra has an excellent real-life example of the price of shipping a package via Fed-Ex vs. USPS and concludes that the public option is a really good thing to have around. I think most everyone would agree. After all, when is the last time you–personally–could get a letter from Raleigh, NC to Seattle, WA for under a buck? Well, thanks to the joys of serving the collective public, the USPS can. Kinda makes the whole McDonald’s Dollar Menunaire idea sound expensive, doesn’t it?

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