More Proof That People Don’t Get It

25 Sep

A poll released on Thursday suggests that people are generally more concerned with the state of the economy and their personal finances than they are about health care. According to the poll, roughly 50% of respondents noted economic or personal financial concerns as their top source of worry, while only 20% cited similar concerns about health care.

If you ever needed proof that people don’t realize how intimately entangled health care and the economy are, congratulations. Just to remind everyone, 1 in every 6 dollars we spend in this country goes towards health care, and that number’s getting bigger all the time.

The reason for the disconnect? Ignorance is bliss. Some 88% of respondents are insured, and people seem quite pleased with their health care coverage. In fact, 75% said that their coverage was “very good” or “good” and another 18% said their coverage was fair. That leaves only 7% of insured persons who are dissatisfied with their health insurance. As a whole, however, respondents were split in nearly even thirds when comparing the U.S. health care system to other nations’ systems. The U.S. is above average according to 36% of respondents, average according to 29%, and below average according to another 30%. The article doesn’t say, but I assume the remaining 5% didn’t know or refused to respond. Suffice it to say most of these people have never had to test the limits of their policies.

This poll is not news. Countless others have shown similar results. We still don’t get it. So, one more time, everyone please repeat after me: If we don’t fix health care, we cannot fix the economy.

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