Olympia Snowe: Choose Your Own Adventure

22 Sep

When I was much younger, I used to really love those “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” stories. You know, the ones where you read a few pages and then you have to decide what the characters–and often these books are written as if you are in the story–are going to do next. If you go with option A, you turn to page 128, and if you go with option B, you turn to page 133. The story turns out differently depending on the choices you make. The goal being to make the right choices and navigate the story to a successful conclusion. Unfortunately–or fortunately depending on your perspective–I’d often cheat with these books, flipping ahead to see the outcome before “committing” to a choice. I don’t think I always did that, but I guess I just got tired of making the wrong decisions and having the story end suddenly with myself and my friends dead, captured by “bad guys” or otherwise in unfortunate circumstances.

Interestingly, Robert Reich has written the Olympia Snowe Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story. He puts a lot of pressure on this particular Republican Senator from the overwhelmingly blue state of Maine to decide the outcome of health reform. There are two choices: She can vote for or against the Baucus bill. Her decision will have widespread ramifications for reform going forward. I don’t want to steal Reich’s thunder, so why don’t you go read his piece?

To read Robert Reich’s post, click here.

If you’d prefer not to read Robert Reich’s post, simply close your browser.

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