"Please, Max, don’t Baucus into a corner."

18 Sep

So, in keeping with the “I’ve got an overwhelming amount of things to do” theme, I’m letting you know that the “Lazy Sundays” pieces I was running on Fridays are not going to be a regular thing anymore. The format isn’t going to go away entirely, but sometimes there’s just not anything worth recommending–well, without me doing some serious digging. So, keep looking, and you’ll see some really good stuff sometimes, but I’m not going to be posting things just for the sake of posting them.

Now, on to substance. Ezra Klein gets a lot of love, but my money’s still on Jonathan Cohn in a head-to-head match. (Honestly, though, they’re more often than not two sides of the same coin.) Here are two excellent pieces from Cohn. The first is an off the cuff analysis of Max Baucus’ reform bill. The second, a further critique of the same. It all leaves me wondering if someone on the Gang of Six is pleading “Please, Max, don’t Baucus into a corner.”

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