What Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Believes

15 Sep

I started placing ads on the blog in an attempt to earn some revenue from what has turned into a rather time-consuming endeavor. One of the ads was from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, stating that the company is serious about health reform and outlining its beliefs:

We believe all Americans should have health insurance. To make universal coverage a reality, everyone must be required to have coverage. For insurance to work properly everyone must participate – otherwise, healthy people will drop out and obtain insurance only when they are sick or injured. (I like this one, too.)

We believe dealing with rising health care costs is central to health care reform. We see three key strategies to lowering costs: improving the quality and effectiveness of care, promoting health through preventive care and lifestyle changes, and providing better care to patients, not just more care. (Yep, this makes sense. Fee-for-service is expensive. Insurance companies are smart enough to make money without it. Doctors might be a little less than excited, though.)

We believe the most effective way to improve our health care system is to build on the employer-based system, which provides coverage to more than 160 million people today. (Lucky for them, that’s what Obama’s pushing for.)

We believe that government needs to play a role – to assist Americans who today cannot afford health insurance on the private market. (Obama’s behind this, too.)

We believe that improving health information technology is a cornerstone of health care reform. (Okay. It will save money. Whatever.)

We believe in paying doctors and hospitals for quality and health outcomes, rather than for the quantity of procedures they perform. (Amen to that, but shhhh! Don’t tell the doctors and hospitals!!!!)

We believe that private-sector health insurance is better able to bring innovation and quality improvements to health care. (Better…..than?)

We believe a government-run health insurance plan is not necessary to achieve the goals of meaningful health care reform. (Oh, okay. That answers the better than part, but wait a minute, didn’t you just say earlier that government should play a role providing coverage for those who can’t afford private insurance? I guess you just meant sick, poor, and old people, huh?)

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