Saxby Chambliss Drinks The Kool-Aid

02 Sep

I just came across an article in my old hometown paper, The Brunswick News, that discusses Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ recent visit to Glynn County, GA to discuss health reform at a Rotary Club Meeting. He is quoted as saying “This country has the best health care in the world and the best health insurance in the world, but we can still improve it and make it better.” Pardon, me, but WHAT?!

If you want to make the best health care in the world argument, I think you can–given enough qualifiers to your statement. For instance, we have some of the most technologically advanced health care in the world. Agreed. I take issue with the fact that very few people can afford to have access to that “first class” care, and that brings me to the second point Chambliss raised. “This country has…the best health insurance in the world.” Say what? Please, please, tell me how a system driven by profits, that has failed to cover 15% of the country’s population, and that may or may not be there for the other 85% when they need it, is the best in the world. Here’s a little checklist Ol’ Saxby might want to run down before he uses that label again:

  • Pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Annual benefit caps
  • Lifetime benefit caps
  • Co-insurance
  • Deductibles
  • Unjustified rescission of coverage
  • Loss of a job = Loss of insurance
  • Lack of affordability
  • Etc.

Honestly. The best? It’s hard to believe that anyone who believes that can be elected to the Senate…..Unless–and here’s the really scary thought–the people who elected him believe it, too.

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