Lazy Sundays 7 – Reflecting on the Life and Death of Senator Kennedy

28 Aug

This weekend, I think it only appropriate to reflect on the life and death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Think what you will of the man, he certainly has a long history of accomplishments in the Senate and an equally long history of displaying the character flaws that made him human. In fact, a piece by Timothy Noah does quite a good job of presenting a balanced account of both sides of Ted Kennedy. As we lay an unquestionably remarkable statesman to rest, let us read what others have to say about him…..

Given the number of entries, I provide you links only with the authors’ names (in no particular order), but sans titles.

Michael Tomasky
Spencer Ackerman
Harold Meyerson
Adam Serwer
Charles Pierce
Avi Zenilman
Sean Wilentz
Thomas Schaller
Ryan Grim
Julian Zelizer
Joe Klein
Adele Stan
Jeffrey Toobin
Dayo Olopade
Dean Baker
Ethan Porter
Tim Fernholz
Ed Kilgore
Michael Cohen
Steve Clemons
Mark Schmitt
George Packer
Eric Alterman

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