Lazy Sundays 6

21 Aug

The most recent development in all of the ado over health reform is talk of splitting the legislation into two parts and using budget reconciliation to push through the more partisan aspects of the proposal. The key to why people think this might work has to do with the filibuster’s noticeable absence from the reconciliation process — therefore you only need 51 votes to get something passed in the Senate under reconciliation, rather than the 60 you’d need to end a filibuster under normal legislative process.

This weekend, I thought I’d point you back towards what I’ve written about the strategy as well as give you some stuff to chew on with regards to the filibuster. Enjoy!

Piecemeal Health Reform: Could It Work? (Huffington Post Edition) (Wright on Health Edition)
by Brad Wright

Articles on the importance of the filibuster and how Ted Kennedy’s health might become a major concern:

One Senator Can Kill Health Reform
by Brad Wright

Ted Kennedy, Cloture, and the Future of Health Reform
by Brad Wright

And various thoughts on the filibuster from other wonkish types:

Reconciliation, the Filibuster, and the Rule of the Senate
by Mark Kleiman

Is Filibustering Constitutional?
by Greg Koger

The Case for Busting the Filibuster
by Thomas Geoghagen

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