Poll Results: What You Don’t Want in Health Reform

18 Aug

The poll’s been closed for a while now, and I’ve just put a new one up in its place.

Here are the results from the previous poll on which health reform option readers least support:

  1. Taxing Employer-Based Benefits 45%
  2. Medicare for All (i.e., single-payer) 25%
  3. Public Plan 20%
  4. Pay-for-Performance 10%

Of course, polls like this are far from scientific, but they can be fun, and they can shed some light on things. For instance, it’s worth noting that no option received a strict majority of the votes. This happens when people don’t have a clear favorite, and that means either that most people hate all of these options (and therefore have a hard time picking their least favorite) or conversely, most people love all of these options (and therefore have a hard time picking their least favorite).

Still, there is some differentiation, and it’s clear that pay-for-performance faces the least amount of opposition from readers of this blog. Fortunately, options 1 and 2 have never truly been on the table, and it looks increasingly like option 3 is going to be removed from the legislation. So the most opposed options are no longer being considered as seriously as they once were. Whether or not that’s a good thing is the subject of the new poll. Be sure to cast your vote!

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