An Ode to Difficult Diagnoses and Medical Homes

13 Aug

The following is a short poem I wrote based on the experience of a dear friend of mine. I have omitted his name to protect his privacy….

Chasing Answers

I am a teacher, a father, a friend,
Who has suffered fatigue for years without end.
It really began some years ago,
And as for the cause my doc didn’t know.
Test after test, I went through them all,
But my poor doc didn’t like what he saw.
“Could be sleep apnea,” he said, not quite sure,
“If it is, then this C-PAP machine is the cure.”

Suffice it to say that the cure it was not,
But my doc still couldn’t say what I’d got.
So he sent me to the cardiologist,
In hopes he could get to the bottom of this.
As luck would have it, while checking my pulse
The nurse noticed a rather fantastic result…
Soon a fancy machine was whisked in with me,
And I was hooked up for a quick EKG!

After years of frustration my problem was solved,
Atrial fibrillation, but now what’s involved?!
Medication and more tests and that’s just the start,
It will take cardioversion to fix my poor heart!
If I’m lucky, that is, which I hope I will be
Lest it take an ablation to fully treat me.
For that would entail a much greater threat,
And though I am old, I’m not quite ready yet.

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