Gang of Six Update: Really A Gang of Five?

06 Aug

The “Gang of Six” meeting at the White House has drawn to a close, and Jonathan Cohn questions whether it really ought to become a “Gang of Five” by excluding Mike Enzi from future talks. As I wrote last night, it’s clear that Enzi is the Senator voted “Most Likely to Leave the Table without a Beer.”

This begs the question: At what point do you give up on legitimate bipartisanship or the appearance of bipartisanship?

There is next to no hope for a staunch conservative like Enzi supporting Finance’s version of reform legislation when Baucus is calling the shots. I’m guessing that the ultimatum was spelled out for him clearly today, but I’m also guessing that it’s more of a formality than anything else. At least now everyone can say they tried to work together.

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