Thoughts from Last Night?

23 Jul

Well, it was my intention to get a dialogue going in the wake of last night’s press conference, but despite a sizable uptick in the number of visits to the blog, there don’t appear to be any comments. Maybe you’re all just taking your time to carefully construct your thoughts. Okay. Still, I encourage you to respond here with comments about last night. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you even watch it? What jumped out at you? I’ll react to your comments Friday, so get them in….otherwise, it’s going to be a pretty unidimensional discussion! And remember, if you’re interested in writing a piece as a guest contributor, let me know that too….

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One response to “Thoughts from Last Night?

  1. Anonymous

    July 24, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    I didn't watch the press conference last night, but I do have a question. I keep reading that part of this plan will be a requirement for everyone to have health insurance, but that the government will have a subsidy program so that it's affordable.My question is – who's going to decide what's affordable? My only experience with goverment deciding how much I can afford has been financial aid, and that's just a crock. What they tell you should be able to afford doesn't take into account anything but how much money you make. Live in an expensive city? Too bad. Have $100000 in student loan debt already? Too bad. Have a sudden drop in income? Too bad.I agree that reform is needed and that healthcare needs to be more available but I don't like the idea that the government can determine that I HAVE to pay that bill whether I think it's a priority of not.


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