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Lazy Sundays

I’ve decided to use my Fridays to post material from others that you may not have come across or had a chance to read yet. The new feature, called “Lazy Sundays”, is meant to inspire just that. Of course, I won’t complain if you get a head start on reading earlier in the weekend, but the content is meant to be savored….not gulped down.

I know that things are really heating up on the Hill (did the AMA just endorse the House bill?!), but it can wait until Monday. For now, check out the following content, all from some of the fine folks here at UNC-Chapel Hill:

If Republicans Think Being Uninsured Is No Big Deal…
by Jon Oberlander

Health Reform: The Fateful Moment
by Ted Marmor and Jon Oberlander

In Health Tech, Lead and Follow
by Tom Ricketts

The Choices Ahead for Health Care
by Dean Harris


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