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Introducing Wright on Health

I’ve finally decided that there’s not enough legitimate information “out there” about the health care system. Well, at least not enough legitimate and accessible information. That’s where I’m hopeful that I will be able to help. People tell me that I have a way of making complicated matters easier (note: I did not say easy.) to understand. Besides, it seems as though everyone else considers themselves worthy of maintaining a blog, so it was only a matter of time before I allowed myself to share in that most-American of all character traits: self-importance. But I digress.

Politicians–whose job it is to politicize issues–would have you believe that a vast chasm that cannot be traversed separates the right from the left. They do a damn good job convincing people of this. Public opinion pollsters–the rigorous ones (not the ones you see in USA Today)–have actually found, however, that we’re all a lot more moderate than we think we are. The beautiful thing is that I don’t care. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent. As un-American as it may sound, I don’t even care if you vote. That’s not my job.

No, what I can’t stand is opinionated ignorance. You know, people who are adamant about something that they know absolutely nothing–or at least very little–about. Therefore, my goal in writing this blog is not to persuade you to change your political affiliation or your philosophical views on the health care system. Rest assured, there is ample evidence to support sound arguments for any position you espouse. Rather, I’m out to encourage you to learn some of the basic facts that are all too often ignored in political matters and foster real thinking and even lively debate….both on the blog and off.

To that end, I bring you “Wright on Health”….my thoughts on the health care system, the reform debate, and the latest news and views from around the country. This is meant to be fun, though. Therefore, whenever I post something of which I am especially fond, you’ll find my endorsement in the form of the “Wright On!” seal of approval:


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